Refuse Collection

Next collection days

Grey collectionMonday 19 November 2018
Green collectionMonday 26 November 2018
Grey collectionMonday 3 December 2018
Green collectionMonday 10 December 2018
Grey collectionMonday 17 December 2018

The new refuse collection system

Refuse and recycling will be collected weekly, according to the following scheme:
On Green collection days, recycling, food waste and textiles.
On Grey collection days, refuse, food waste and electrical waste.


In the green recycling bin, you can put

  • Paper & cardboard
  • Food & drinks cans / tins
  • Plastic bottles & containers
  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Food & drink cartons
  • Foil & aerosols

But not garden waste (put that in the brown bin, if you have ordered one), general household waste, sanitary products, nappies, cat litter, cling film or polystyrene (put that in the grey bin).

Food waste

In the food waste caddy, you can put any types of food, except liquids or oils. But do not put plastic bags, packaging, pet waste or litter or garden waste there.

Textiles and electrical waste

On Green collection days, you can put textiles and shoes out for collection, next to the wheelie bin, in a tied carrier bag. But do not include duvets and pillows.

On Grey collection days, you can put small electrical appliances out for collection, next to the wheelie bin, in a tied carrier bag. Batteries can also be collected, if you put them in a clear plastic bag on top of the bin. But not light bulbs, TVs or monitors, or anything bigger than a standard carrier bag.

More details

Download the official leaflet here (beware - it's big - 2.7MB, PDF format). Or visit Ashford's website.