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Update from Northiam Surgery,

Update from Northiam Surgery, please contact me if you have difficulties getting to Etchingham, 07906 658413, Derek Ian Wright
Covid Vaccinations Update 18th January

We  are very happy to announce that Covid vaccinations will start at Etchingham village hall on Wednesday 20th January. We realise it has been a long wait but we have a number of vaccination deliveries due this week so we will be able to vaccinate large numbers of the over 80 group in the coming days. We are then expecting further supplies the following week which hopefully will mean that everyone over 80 will be vaccinated very shortly.  We will be contacting people in the comiing days by phone to offer them an appointment. When everyone over 80 has received their appointments we will then start vaccinating the age group between 75 and 79.. At the current time there is no facility to vaccinate patients in their homes, therefore we would strongy encourage everyone to accept their appointment at Etchingham. We realise that getting to Etchingham will be a struggle for some people but it is going to be the best way of guaranteeing you receive your vaccine as soon as possible. The surgery has a limited number of wheelchairs and we are happy to loan those to patients who have problems with mobility. Please only ask to use these if it is absolutely necessary and obvioulsy can you return them as soon as you have been for your appointment so they can be used for other people. Please ask the surgery when you have your appointment to enquire about using a wheelchair. People in residential homes for the elderly and nursing homes are in priority group 1 and we are very happy to report that all residents in these facilities throughout Rother with be vaccinated this week. We realise that some couples are in different age groups. For people aged over 80 if their partner is over 70 they will be able attend for their vaccine at the same time. We have had a large number of questions about why the vaccines can't be done at Northiam. The regulations from NHS England state that all Covid vaccinations must be given in a locality based vaccination centre which for us is Rother, which stretches from Burwash to Rye. People may have seen vaccines being given from GP surgeries on the news these tend to be larger GP practices which will be acting as the vaccination centre for their locality. We are still hoping the regulations will change to allow the vaccine to be given at individual general practice level but there is no certainty that this will happen and we would therefore strongly encourage everyone to attend Etchingham if they are offered an appointment there.

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