Full Fibre Broadband

Is anyone interest in better broadband?

Hi folks, this initiative by Stephen and Julie Gaylor has the possibility to bring the very best Broadband to the village at very low cost with funding available from various sources. To define the cost Stephen needs as many people as possible within the village to register. Registering does NOT commit you, it just facilitates a quotation. Contact Stephen for more information.


Stephen & Julie Gayler

The Old Granary

Lossenham Lane


TN18 5QQ

Dear Newenden Neighbour

We are canvassing opinion as to whether there is a desire within the Newenden community to get our village properties and businesses upgraded to Full Fibre Broadband (Fibre To The Home – FTTH).

A few years ago, the local exchange to Newenden was upgraded to Fibre to The Cabinet (FTTC) which did give us a small increase in speed. This now gives us the potential to receive FTTH which provides much higher speeds and greater reliability.

We are looking at the Community Fibre Partnership in conjunction with Openreach which means Openreach contribute some of the costs and our community funds the rest. Importantly, each householder and business are eligible for a grant from the government Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme towards the costs:

• £3500 for small and medium size businesses
• £1500 for residents


In addition, Kent residents will benefit from up to £1,000 of additional funding through the Kent County Council ‘Kent Top-Up Voucher’ scheme for each property.

The first step is to register each interested property and business noting that there is NO obligation or commitment to take this up at this point.

For those who do not currently use broadband, registering your property does not mean you intend or need to do so in the future. But you would be able to help other village residents by contributing the grants you are individually eligible for to the collective community fund.

We cannot obtain a quote to establish if it is financially viable for us to go ahead with the project without an estimate of the number of grants and their value. We would therefore be extremely grateful if you could indicate your willingness to register your property.

If you would like to know more and/or would like to add your property to the register please send us an email (sjegayler@googlemail.com) or give Stephen a call on 07889 304369.

For more information on the ‘Rural Gigabit Voucher’ and the ‘Kent Top-Up Voucher’ scheme please see:


In anticipation of receiving interest from Newenden residents and businesses, I have registered Newenden on the Openreach Community Fibre Partnerships portal so that I can add those addresses that are interested in exploring this further.

Stephen & Julie Gayler

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