Village Playground

The village pllayground has been re-furbished

Village Playground

 The village playground has, during the lockdown period been extensively re-furbished at a cost approaching one thousand pounds, 50% of which has been funded by Ashford Borough Council. The rubber mats under the swings have all been lifted and relaid, removing potential finger traps and wooden surrounds which were potential accident zones. Two new swings, pivots and chains have been installed, several rotten support posts been repaired and broken bolts on the balance beam have been replaced. The thickness of bark under the slide has been increased. The entrance gates, which were hung on posts which had rotted away and the whole presenting a finger trap hazard, have been re installed. The hobby horse has been extensively been rebuilt and painted.

 Many thanks are due to Jillian Eldridge, Dave Wheeler, John Turnbull and Don McKay for their personal contributions.

 We are delighted to announce that the playground is now open for use. We have provided the inevitable hand sanitiser and recommend that a maximum of three children use the facility at a time in order to maintain social distancing. Parents are, of course, responsibility for the safety of their children.

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