Fire warning

The fire brigade were in Newenden yesterday

The fire brigade were called out to calls from a boat owner yesterday to claims of four foot flames near the iron bridge. The Broad Oak fire engine dutifully turned out and, guided by Dave Wheeler, (thank you Dave) were guided to the gate in front of "Old Timbers" were they cut the chain and drove up on to the riverbank and along to the Iron bridge where they found the remains of a barbeque that mercifully had been brought under control and was finally extinguished by them.

Two major points here, we must be careful ourselves and also keep an eye on the behaviour of visitors, and access along Lossenham Lane for emergency vehicles is essential. The new car parrk entrance is working well but we must still advise visitors NOT to park on Lossenham Lane. We will continue putting notes under windscreens.



Jul 12, 2020 Category: General -
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