Newenden Trust will be at The White Hart

The Newenden Trust will be at The White Hart on 6th July

The Parish Council will also be present

Planning for any public events has been extremely challenging since March and although restrictions are easing a bit, the situation is by no means straight forward. This means that plans for The Family Fun Day & Dog Show scheduled for Saturday 29 August are very much in limbo and all providers from outside the village have been informed that the event is on hold for the time being.

One good development is that pubs can open from next weekend onwards, so the Newenden Trust would like to invite you to an outdoor Link-Up in the garden of the White Hart on Monday 6 July from 6 to 8 pm. It will be a chance to mark this new chapter and an opportunity to support Ivan and to hear your thoughts on the proposed Family Fun Day. There are likely to be mixed opinions and we would only wish to stage an event that can be held safely and has the backing of most residents. One option would be to aim for the type of very local affair that was pulled together at short notice last year and which turned into a lovely day, albeit not a big fund raiser.

The Link-Up would also be a good time for villagers to speak to the Trustees about the ongoing works on the new village hall and to find out what the next stage of the project is.

We look forward to seeing many of you on 6 July and in the mean time you are welcome to email me with any questions so I can pass them on to the Trust.

Keep well and have a nice weekend,

With kind regards,


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