Lossenham Project


The Lossenham Project is a community heritage and research project to investigate the archaeology, history, and landscape of Lossenham. It focuses on the lands of Lossenham Farm but will also include the wider setting of the farm, including all of Newenden, as well as the River Rother, Hexden Channel, Rother Levels, and neighbouring parishes.

The Project is supported by the Janus Foundation, working with Isle Heritage CIC, together with other heritage organisations and community contacts, including the Carmelite Order. It is also looking to recruit volunteers from Newenden and the local area, and many have already signed up. If you would like to play a part, please contact us (see below).

There will be several sub-projects to investigate various aspects of Lossenham and its environment from prehistoric times to more recent. If you have any particular interest you would like the Project to cover, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

There is a newly created Lossenham Project website. It is in early stages of development and will grow as more information is uncovered and time allows. You can access it by clicking on this link: https://lossenham.org.uk/

Anyone wishing to register an interest can do so by contacting annie@lossenham.org.uk 


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