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It was really great this week to hold a properly constituted Parish Council meeting with members of the public in attendance contributing well to the proceedings. 

Sadly the “Rule of six” means it will be some time before we are allowed to hold another. We will therefore be producing more newsletters to keep us connected.


Accident reporting 

Hello all residents. Following recent discussion with Kent County Council Highways it is confirmed that accidents and statistics are normally only recorded if the Police are involved, generally following serious injury.

It is advantageous to the process of replacing road furniture that KCC Highways can make a claim through their own insurers, but this can only be done if details are available. We can also maintain statistics of our own, which may well be more comprehensive than the official ones.

Can I ask therefore if residents observing an accident, particularly those at the top of the A28 pass on to me details, including Registration numbers of the cars involved, and the times and dates.

Thank you, Derek Wright

Parish Council Meeting 8 September 2020
We are pleased to announce that there will be a meeting of the Parish Council on the above date. As previously mentioned face coverings MUST be worn and public attendees will be limited to fiteeen poeple.  The Agenda can be found here

First Wednesday of every month
Parish Council surgery in the White Hart, 7.30 -8.30pm.

Forthcoming Parish Council meetings

8 September
10 November
8 December

The Parish Council consists of Derek Wright, Chair, Jillian Eldridge, vice Chair and planning, Hazel Masters, police, John Turnbull, and Dennis Rose, special research. 

Chair: Derek Wright

Heart House, Rye Road 

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Clerk: John Leeves

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