Parish Council News


The Parish Council has recently had an on line meeting to approve the annual return, The minutes can be seen here

The Parish Council has also published a 2020 Public Rights Notice relating to the publication of the accounts for the year ended 31st March 2020. The notice can be read here and is also displayed on the noticeboard.

The annual audit report has now also been approved, is in the form of 6 sheets and can be seen 2020 annual return 1, 2020 annual return 2, 2020 annual return 3, 2020 annual return 4, 2020 annual return 5, 2020 annual return 6.

These sheets can be read in accordance with Bank Reconciliation 31 March 2020 and Bank Variances 31 March 2020

These documents are also displayed on the Parish noticeboard

The Parish Council consists of Derek Wright, Chair, Jillian Eldridge, vice Chair and planning, Hazel Masters, police, John Turnbull, and Dennis Rose, special research. Meetings are currently suspended due to government requirements relating to Covid 19

Chair: Derek Wright

Heart House, Rye Road 

(next to White Hart, opposite St Peters)

Tel 07906 658413 - e mail -

Clerk: John Leeves

Tel 01892 513899 - e mail -

The Parish Council also communcates through Facebook  NewendenParish Council and Village