Beautiful Newenden Village

Newenden is the smallest village in Kent and also the first village in Kent as you travel across the 18th century bridge over River Rother. It rests on memories of grander days, when its port, market and sixteen inns were an important part of the regional economy. Today it is just a small, friendly village, but the tradition of enterprise remains strong.

The village lies entirely within the High Weald AONB and the central, oldest part of the village is a conservation area in its own right. Around us we have some of the most beautiful rural landscape in the South East, so why not come and visit? Explore the village through our website and then in person - you are always very welcome to Newenden!


The Parish Council have been approached by Apetito who appear to offer a meals on wheels service that might be of use to members of our community. We have no direct knowledge of them so cannot recommend them but they do seem to offer a little more than a plain delivery service quoting that "Whilst we visit, we undertake a welfare check which includes a visual check of the client for signs of ill health and deterioration.  If we cannot locate the client, we will contact the next of kin, social services or the police.  Should a driver deem it necessary such as a following a fall an ambulance will be called, and they will wait with them until the paramedic or next of kin arrive.  We will also make the next or kin aware of hazards such as tripping hazards,  moss on the pavement…   They have a website which can be found at this link. If anyone uses the service let us know how they perform.


Parish Magazine online

The current and recent issues of the magazine are available on line by clicking here                                                                                         


New Village Hall (updated 18 March)

We are pleased to announce that we have been given VAT exemption from HMRC which means that there will be more funds available as well as having charitable status enabling us to access various grants which we are in the process of doing. Over the next few weeks the steel frame will be erected and then the building can move forward. Needless to say the weather has been a bit of a drawback and meant some stalling of progress.

The latest version of the plan for the hall, showing the position of kitchen, loos etc can be Seen Here 


At the 2001 census, Newenden had 196 inhabitants in 79 households.
At the 2011 census, the figures were 223 inhabitants in 88 households.
The surface area is traditionally said to be 1044 acres 1.63 sq mi, (about 400 ha).

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