Strictly speaking the Newenden Trust and Friends of St Peters are charities but they are dealt with elsewhere. There are two other charities within Newenden, The Selmes Trust and the Samuel Bishop Trust

The Selmes Trust

The Selmes trust dates from a 1936 deed, in which, as part of King George fifth's Silver Jubilee celebrations (actually 1935) Edward Selmes of The Manor House in Newenden donated approximately eight acres of land between the River Rother and Lossenham Lane, and extending from the A28 to the hedge in front of "Old Timbers".

In 2011 a Management contract was drawn up between the Selmes Trust and The Parish Council in which the Parish Council effectively administers the Selmes Trust with the exception of the Cricket Field which is subject to a separate agreement.

The Trustees of the Selmes Trust (as at 2020) are The Rev Chris Hodgkins, Frances Jones and Hugh Edmonds with Rosie Edmonds retained as a historic Advisor

The Samuel Bishop Trust

The Samuel Bishop Trust was established around 1850 by Samuel Bishop of Lossenham Manor. He had no children and in his will donated part of his estate to be used as a foundation for the education of the Village children.

The trust was involved in the establishment of the Village School at the junction of the A28 and Beech Road. The School was closed in 1930 but funds remain and are used to provide grants for anything to do with the education of secondary school children, typically sports kit or electronic devices.

There are a number of Trustees but principally the Charity is administered by Jillian Eldridge


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